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What is a "smart home"?
A smart home means your home has a system that integrates your appliances or devices to automate specific tasks and is typically remotely controlled or setup to run automatically. You can use a smart home system to program your lighting, set and monitor your home security system and cameras, or even control audio/video equipment to set the mood when watching a movie.


Smart devices

Televisions, stoves, alarm systems, doorbells, garage doors and window shades are just a few examples of devices that can be bought separately and over time, making it easy to transform your house into the smart home of your dreams.

Energy efficiency
Not all smart home devices are energy efficient, but they can be utilized in ways that help you conserve energy. With any controllable device, may it be lights, thermostats, or window shades, you can automate when and how the devices perform their function. This way you have more control over your energy usage and could improve your energy consumption habits.



At Weiss Enterprise, our experts can help you turn your regular home into a smart home by explaining how the smart home devices can help you, how they work, what is required, and be your support once your installation has been completed.

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